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Absence from school
If your child is going to be out sick or late, please call the appropriate house office before 8:45am and send a note in with your child the next day.

Leaving school early

If your child needs to leave early, send a note to school with your child. Your child should give the note to his/her homebase teacher. The student must sign out in their house office and then they will be able to meet you at your designated location. If your child does not bring a note to school, then a parent must sign the child out in the house office.

Dropping items off at school

If you need to drop something off for your child, please leave it at the front sign-in desk. If your child has forgotten an item, your child is reminded daily during morning announcements to check the front desk for forgotten items.

Contacting your child during the day.

You’d be surprised by the number of calls we get every day asking us to get messages to children. While we want to be helpful and responsive, it is not always possible to take messages (reminders) to students. Please make arrangements with your child before leaving for school or the night before. If your child needs a reminder, you could write in his/her agenda book or leave a note in your child’s bookbag. We cannot be responsible for personal messages. House phones are available to students if needed.

In the event of an EXTREME emergency, we will make every effort to get a message to your child during the school day if you call the House office.


Students arriving after the start of Homebase should report to their Homebase and will be marked late. Students arriving after the conclusion of Homebase should report to their House Office. (Homebase is from 8:07-8:14 AM) School ends at 3:10 PM.

The Weber ID Card

A Weber ID Card is issued at the beginning of the school year. This card is required to be carried by students during the school day for identification and is also the student's bus pass, library card and lunch card. Lunch One-half of the 40 minute lunch period is allocated for eating and one-half of the period may be spent in supervised recess. A complete lunch meal can be purchased for $2.75. Breakfast is also available for $1.00. The Weber ID Card can be used to purchase meals in the cafeteria. It operates as a debit card and a check should be made payable to the PW School District that will be credited to your child's account or you can go to and add money to your child's account. When the account is under $10, your child will receive a reminder to replenish his account. You will be billed if the account is overdrawn. If you do not want your child to purchase snacks with this money, you need to fill out the waiver form which can be found here.

Last Modified on February 13, 2019