Port Washington Hosts Hapoel Eshkol Basketball Team from Israel

On Tuesday May 15th, 2024, Port Washington School District hosted a team of Israeli basketball players, “Hapoel Eshkol” thanks to the collaborative effort of the UJA-Federation of New York and Project 24. Project 24, a social impact initiative leverages the strength and resilience of communities to develop projects that promote healing and empowerment, thereby strengthening both Israel and the Jewish community globally. 

The event underscored the powerful impact of sport and how basketball can connect teenagers from different parts of the world with vastly different backgrounds. Learning about the immense challenges the Israeli team has faced firsthand allowed Schreiber students to expand their own learning and make real connections, both far more important than the final score.

students and staff greet Hapoel Eshkol
Paul D. Schreiber High School students and staff greet Hapoel Eshkol and gave a tour of the school.

hapoel eshkol in lobby
Hapoel Eskhol, Israeli basketball team. 

students speaking
Two players from Hapoel Eshkol spoke about their experience during the October 7th attacks.

Hundreds of community members came to support the event. 

PW Vikings in white jerseys, Hapoel Eshkol in blue jerseys.

hapoel eshkol player
Hapoel Eshkol basketball player.

project 24 founder
Project 24 founder Daniel Gradus watches the game.

Nick Schratwieser (Port Washington AD), Dr. Michael Hynes (Superintendent of Schools), Dr. Kathryn Behr (Schreiber HS Principal), Dr. Geri Weinstein (Schreiber HS Assistant Principal), David Miller (Schreiber HS Assistant Principal).

Port Washington basketball players with Hapoel Eshkol players.

Hapoel Eshkol player with Port Washington students.

both teams
Both teams together celebrating the end of the game.