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Quick Reference Guide

The School Day:
The school day is from 8:00 AM through 3:10 PM.  No student is permitted to enter the building before 7:55 AM unless dropped off by a bus, specifically attending a club, or supervised activity.
Please call or email the house office to alert them if your child will be late or absent.  Students need a note signed by a parent/guardian explaining any absence.  Students are responsible for obtaining missed work when they are absent.
Lateness and Early Dismissal:
If a student arrives after homebase, they should report directly to their house office (homebase is from 8:07-8:14 AM).  Early dismissals require a written request from a parent/guardian and students will meet you outside the building.  Without a note, parents/guardians must enter the school building to sign students out.  A student will be released to an adult approved on the Emergency Contact Form.
The Weber ID Card:
A Weber ID Card is issued at the beginning of the school year.  Students are required to carry this card during the school day.  This ID card is also used as a bus pass, library card, and lunch card. 
One-half of the 45-minute lunch period is allocated for eating and one-half of the period may be spent in supervised recess. Visit Food Services on the District homepage under “District” for pricing information. The card operates as a debit card and a check can be made payable to the PW School District or go to MySchoolBucks.com to add money.  When the account is under $10, you will receive a reminder to replenish the account.
Forgotten Items/Lost and Found:
Parents may drop off forgotten items at the security vestibule.  Students are responsible to check for such items. Lost and found is in the cafeteria.
Who to call/email and when? 
Academic Concerns: 
If you have concerns about issues such as: your child’s academic performance/progress or questions about the curriculum, please observe the following contact protocol: 
1st contact - Teacher 
2nd contact - School Counselor
3rd contact - Department Chairperson
4rd contact - Assistant Principal   
5th contact - Principal  

6th contact - Director (Creative Arts, Health & Physical Education, ENL)

7th contact - Sean Feeney, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
8th contact - Michael Hynes, Superintendent

Behavioral/Social Concerns:
If you have concerns about issues such as: bullying or harassment of your child at school; your child does not seem to be fitting in or has few or no friends; your child often appears to be depressed, unhappy or is very stressed, please observe the following contact protocol: 
1st contact - Teacher/School Counselor 
2nd contact - School Psychologist/Social Worker
3rd contact - Assistant Principal 
4th contact - Principal 
Athletic & Extra-curricular Activities Concerns:
If you would like to get your child involved in after school activities, have questions about an extra-curricular activity, want information regarding the “cut” policy, or would like to know why your child was “cut” from an athletic team; please observe the following contact protocol:
1st contact - Coach/Club Advisor
2nd contact - Athletic Director/Chairperson
3rd contact - Asst. Principal
4th contact – Principal
Department Chair/Lead Teacher:
Social Studies
Mr. Barbara
Athletic Department
Mr. Baudo
Math Department
Ms. Bielawski 
World Language
Ms. Doherty
Ms. Lindstadt-Iurka
Special Education
Mr. Silak
Ms. Sweet
School Counselor
Ms. Weiner

House Offices:


Green 6,7,8/Yellow 7

(516) 767-5510

Ms. Zuckerman

Asst. Principal   

[email protected]


Blue 6,7,8/Yellow 8

(516) 767-5530  

Dr. Lomangino

Asst. Principal

[email protected]


Red 6,7,8/Yellow 6

(516) 767-5520


Asst. Principal


Mental Health:

(516) 767-5540


Blue House Counselor

Ms. Shirian

(516) 767-5543

[email protected]


Green House Counselor

Ms. Mullins

(516) 767-5542 

[email protected]


Red House Counselor

Ms. Weiner

(516) 767-5541

[email protected]


Yellow House Counselor

Ms. VonSalzen

(516) 767-5545 

[email protected]


Red/Yellow Psychologist

Dr. Amigon 

(516) 767-5516  

[email protected]


Blue/Green Psychologist

Ms. Ginsberg

(516) 767-5544 

[email protected]


Red/Green Social Worker

Ms. Venegas

(516) 767-5619 

[email protected]


Yellow/Blue Social Worker

Ms. Chuchon

(516)  767-5621

[email protected]


Medical Office:
Ms. Connors
Ms. Klingel
(516) 767-5550
Transportation Director:
Ms. Allen
(516) 767-5682
HSA Presidents:
Ms. Sarah Kolb
(516) 946-6765
Ms. Jessica Feingold