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History of Weber

Let's learn about Weber history!

Do you know that the current Green and Blue Houses are in the Flower Hill School building?

As you read this web page, you will find out the history of our schools. Well, we found the history of the Port Washington Public Schools back to the 18th century when the first Flower Hill School was constructed in 1757. The second Flower Hill School was built around 1869, where Salem is now. Unfortunately the school was severely damaged by fire on June 24th, 1924.

The school district bought the southwestern edge of the J.Clifton Monfort farm at 1922. The Flower Hill School was built at the rear property with a playing field at the front. The school had a kindergarten wing with an interior courtyard. Local architect, Wesley Bessell (Beacon Hill), designed the school. It was built in the style of a British private school. The principals of the school were Dr. Lyman Langdon, Bruce Hulbert, William Irwin, and Lee Aschenbernner, all of whom lived in the community, but the school was closed in 1979. It became an instructional center for Continuing Education, the Children's and Parent's Resource Centers, Pupil Personnel Services, and the Port Washington Teacher Center.

Do you know that the Blue and Red House we have now was the Port Washington High School building, a long time ago?

Well, there was a new high school in Port Washington in 1929, where Weber middle school is now. It was the same designer who designed the Flower Hill School. It’s style is similar to that of the Flower Hill School. It was right next to Flower Hill School, and the two buildings are connected next to each other, by a breezeway. But this high school became a junior high school, because there was another high school named Schreiber, which was built in 1953. A few years later, the school was named Weber junior high school, after a mathematics teacher in the old junior high school. In 1949-1953 she became the principal of the Main Street School. There was an addition made to the western wing of school in 1950. And there was a new gymnasium was built in 1974. In 1993, the Board of Education decided to make the Flower Hill School and Weber junior high school, a middle school. This plan was finished by the fall of 1995. Also, the auditorium was completely restored in 1993.

Crystal S.