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❓Weber Middle School FAQ


Q: What is the start and end time of the academic day?

A: Weber’s school day is from 8:00 AM through 3:10 PM. No student is permitted to enter the building before 7:55 AM unless dropped off by a bus, specifically attending a club, or a supervised activity.

Q: What are the arrival and dismissal procedures?


A: If you take the bus…These students will be dropped off at the Weber circle (building entrance off of Port Washington Blvd diagonal from North Shore Farms) or Flower Hill (the back section of the building, parallel to the track). They will remain in either the cafeteria, all purpose room, or auditorium until the start of the school day. For dismissal, students who take the bus will report to assigned locations for bus dismissal. 

If you get dropped off or walk… These students can enter the building at 7:55AM. If they get to school earlier, they can wait on the front field (field off of Port Washington Blvd) until doors open for entry. If these students come to school early to attend a club or a supervised activity, they should enter the building through the cafeteria doors (by the Weber Circle, next to the Be Kind mural). These students can leave the building independently at 3:10 PM. If you pick-up your child from school, please predetermine a pickup location.  

Q:  Who do I contact about bus issues?

A: Call the Transportation Office: 516-767-5680 or click here: Transportation Office.  For behavioral issues, please contact your house assistant principal.

Q: Who do I contact if my child will be late or absent? 

A: Please call, email, or send a note to the house office to alert them if your child will be late or absent. Students are responsible for obtaining missed work when they return from an absence.

House Office:

Green 6, 7, 8 and Yellow 8 - 516-767-5510 - [email protected]

Blue 6, 7, 8 and Yellow 6 - 516-767-5530 - [email protected]

Red 6, 7, 8 and Yellow 7 - 516-767-5520 - [email protected]


Q: Who do I contact if I need to pick up my child early from school? 

A:  Early dismissals require a note or email from a parent/guardian. Students will exit the building through the main entrance in the Weber Circle to a mutually agreed upon location. The note or email can be submitted to your house office anytime before the early dismissal. Without a note/email, parents/guardians must enter the school building to sign students out. A student will only be released to an adult approved on the Emergency Contact Form.

Q: How does my child notify me if they forget an item they need at home? How do I drop off an item that my child forgot? 

A: The student should go to their house office and call their parents to notify them of what they left home. The item can then be dropped off at the security booth which is located at the main entrance in the Weber circle off of Port Washington Blvd. It is the child's responsibility to look for the item. Security cannot call into the classrooms.

Q: Where is the lost and found located?

A: Lost and found is located in the cafeteria.

Q:  Where is the visitor’s entrance?

A: The Weber Circle is the main entrance to the building. It is located off of Port Washington Blvd, diagonal from North Shore Farms. There is a set of brown doors with an intercom system. 

Q: Who do I call if my child is having difficulty with another student? 

A: If you have concerns about issues such as bullying or harassment of your child at school, your child does not seem to be fitting in or has few or no friends, your child often appears to be depressed, unhappy or is very stressed, or any other difficulty, please follow this contact protocol: 

1st contact - Teacher/School Counselor 

2nd contact - School Psychologist/Social Worker

3rd contact - Assistant Principal 

4th contact - Principal 

Q: Who do I call if I have an academic concern about my child? 

A: If you have concerns about issues such as your child’s academic performance/progress or questions about the curriculum, please follow this contact protocol: 

1st contact - Teacher 

2nd contact - School Counselor

3rd contact - Assistant Principal   

4th contact - Principal  

Q: How do I set up a meeting with my child’s teacher(s)?

A: If you would like to meet with your team of teachers, contact your school counselor. If you need someone that speaks Spanish, contact your social worker

Blue (B) House:    Ms. Shirian        516-767-5543   [email protected]

Green (G) House: Ms. Mullins       516-767-5542   [email protected]

Red (R) House:     Ms. Weiner        516-767-5541  [email protected]

Yellow (Y) House:    Ms. VonSalzen 516-767-5545 [email protected]

R/G Social Worker: Ms. Venegas     516-767-561  [email protected]

Y/B Social Worker: Ms. Chuchon    516-767-5621 [email protected]

Q: What student and family support services are offered?

A: Please consult the district website at www.portnet.org and look under “Program & Services” tab. 

Q: How do I access the school calendar of events? 

A: The school calendar is located on here: Weber Middle School Calendar

Q: How do I access the district calendar of events?

A: The district calendar is located on the district webpage: Port Washington District Calendar

Q: What clubs/activities are offered to students? 

A: All club information is on Weber’s website: Weber Middle School Activities List & Schedules


Q:  How do I prepay for meals and find menus?

A:  One half of the 45-minute lunch period is allocated for eating and one half of the period may be spent in supervised recess. Visit Food Services on the District homepage here: Food Services The card operates as a debit card and a check can be made payable to the PW School District or go to MySchoolBucks.com to add money. When the account is under $10, you will receive a reminder to replenish the account. If you need a free and reduced lunch form go to Free/Reduced Lunch Form

Q:  Who do I contact if my child is having trouble with their district issued Chromebook?

A: Please click here for assistance: Student Tech Support

Q:  Where do I get information for SYNERGY (Parent/Student Portal)?

A: Please follow this link.

Q:  How do I change contact information?

A:  To change an address, contact Central Registration by clicking here: Student Registration

To change a phone or email, contact your house office.


Q: What is the district's grading and homework policy?
A: To view the district's Grading and Homework policies, please click below: