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Mathematics Overview

Mathematics classes at Weber continue to reflect the new state standards. Students are often asked to write about the mathematics they are learning and to explain the processes that they are using. Connections are frequently made to real life applications and to other subject areas. Multi-step problem solving is taught throughout the curricula. Initial steps are being taken to incorporate the use of computer applications to geometry.
Ms. Kalli Bielawski, Chairperson
Ms. Allison Barth
Ms. Elizabeth Carstens
Ms. Maria Convey
Ms. Ann Marie Hall 
Mr. Barry Hoffman 
Ms. Tara Ianniello
Ms. Irene Kenney
Mr. Mark Long
Ms. Jamie O'Shea
Ms. Jenna Pejoves
Ms. Laurie Silverman
Mr. Phillip Spotteck
Ms. Andrea Sweeney