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Special Education Overview

Special Education is comprised of educational and related services that provide support for pupils who are designated by the Committee on Special Education (CSE). With the reauthorization of the IDEA, June 1997, Congress clearly spelled out the right of all children to fully participate and progress in the general curriculum. It supports the current national focus on improved outcomes for all students. The goal here at Weber Middle School is to provide one set of standards for all students – standards that promote comparable outcomes. This requires instruction tailored to meet individual needs.

Our program at Weber provides maximum feasible integration with peers. Generally this means placing most of our students in the general classroom as much as possible. The Special Education staff’s goal has always been student success. This is accomplished through focusing on students’ strengths, learning style and unique needs in order to develop skills and independence. The department’s goal is to maintain high standards.
Mr. Gregory Silak, Chairperson
Ms. Melissa Barbera
Mr. Michael Condela
Mr. Michael Gallagher
Ms. Guillermina Garcia
Ms. Patricia Gonzalez
Ms. Kathleen Hannick
Ms. Samantha Imbriani
Ms. Dorothy Kalinowski
Ms. Tara Lasky
Ms. Jennifer Monforte
Ms. Nicole Mulchinski 
Ms. Laura Roslund
Ms. Laura Silecchia
Ms. Stacey Wink