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Weber Athletic Participation Contract

Port Washington Schools Athletic Participation Contract

Philosophy and Guidelines

The opportunity to participate on a Port Washington School District athletic team is a privilege afforded our students.  We take great pride in the accomplishments and sportsmanship of all our athletes and teams.  Additionally, we take pride in the positive behavior, citizenship, character, honesty and integrity of all those who compete and represent our school along with our parents and spectators. 

Athletic participation at the varsity level is highly competitive.  The junior varsity program functions as a transition between middle school and the varsity. Participation at the middle school level requires a significant amount of time as well as adherence to more stringent team and New York State Athletic Association rules.   To fully appreciate a family’s commitment to competition and to avoid miscommunication and unrealistic expectations, parents and students must understand that:


  1. Practices/contests can be scheduled on Saturdays and during vacation periods.  Athletes are required to attend all games and practices unless excused by the coach.  Absences can result in disciplinary action, which might include dismissal from the team.
  2. Team selection is based on ability, commitment and sportsmanship.  Final decisions are made by the head coach at each level.
  3. The amount of time an athlete plays is at the discretion of the coach.
  4. Athletes must complete the season in good standing to receive credit for the season.


All public school sports in New York State are governed by the regulations of the NYS Department of Education and the NYS Public High School Athletic Association.  Our local governing body is Section VIII. This governing body addresses rule interpretations, establishes schedules, assigns officials and enforces all rules in athletics.


As a member district, we certify that we have agreed all of our athletes will meet  the standards for eligibility for practice and competition set forth by the NYSPHSAA.


A required meeting will be held at the beginning of each season for parents and athletes.

All parents and athletes are required to sign the athletic participation contract before each season.



Athletes must be in attendance by 12:05 be eligible to participate that day.

Athletes must participate fully in physical education class, if scheduled, to be eligible to participate in a practice or a game that day.

Students who have been suspended from school may not participate in athletics during the suspension. A suspension is inclusive of the entire day.  Suspension from school could result in additional team penalty or termination from the team.


Clearance Process 

Steps to insure clearance to play an interscholastic sport are the completion of the following forms:

  1. Consent to Participate and Acknowledgement of Risk Form
  2. Annual Sports History Health Form
  3. Physical Form 

A physical is valid for one year.  Approval for clearance to participate will be posted on the parent portal through Aspen in lieu of calling the medical office.


Accident or Injury

The student will report any injury to the coach.   Any time an athlete requires a physician’s treatment, he or she must obtain a signed release from the doctor.  The release must be in the possession of the school nurse, or a designee, before the student may participate again. All releases must include a return to physical education activities. District insurance is secondary to parent’s insurance.


Concussion Management

The Port Washington athletic program follows guidelines for concussion management from the New York State Public High School Athletic Association (NYSPHSAA) and the National Federation of High School Associations (NFHS).  It is our goal at Port Washington to provide our student-athletes with a safe athletic experience.  Our coaches and athletic trainer are aware of these guidelines and are cognizant of their importance. The Port Washington athletic department has a six-step Concussion Management policy in place.  Athletic team coaches will receive training on this policy and in the recognition of head injuries.  Parents and athletes will be provided current information as part of their sports orientation meetings.  The athletic department’s six- step “Return to Play” protocol can be found on the athletics department website.  Only the District Physician can clear an athlete to return to full activity.  

Uniforms and Equipment

The Port Washington athletic department provides equipment and uniforms at the start of each athletic season. The student is responsible for returning all team issued clothing and equipment at the conclusion of the season.  The district requires payment for any missing items. No equipment will be issued to the student in the same or future seasons until equipment is paid for.


Code of Ethics

It is the duty of all concerned with interscholastic athletics:

 To emphasize the ideals of sportsmanship, ethical conduct and fair play

 To stress the values derived from playing the game fairly

 To respect the person and judgment of officials

 To encourage teamwork, leadership, interaction, and good judgment by players on teams

 To demonstrate self-control and mutual respect at all time

 To remember the purpose of athletics is to promote the physical, mental, moral, social and emotional well-being of the individual

 To accept victory with grace and defeat with dignity. Poor winners or losers do a disservice to themselves, family and school community.


Parent Support

The athletic department encourages parents  to share their child’s education by attending games and showing positive, constructive support.  If a parent has a question, the athletic staff welcomes the opportunity to talk at an appropriate time.  Discussions on the field are often fragmentary, incomplete and public. Conversations deserve both privacy and time and parents are encouraged to address coaches in an appropriate setting.


Spectator Code of Conduct

Spectators are an important part of the game and shall at all times conform to accepted standards of good sportsmanship and behavior.

Attendance at games is a privilege.  Spectators are to abide by all posted signs and local and state rules.

Spectators shall at all times respect officials, coaches, players and game personnel and extend courtesies to them.

Wholesome cheering is encouraged.

Stomping feet, taunting, foul and abusive language, inflammatory remarks, and disrespectful signs and behavior are not acceptable and could result in removal from facility.

Spectators shall respect and obey all school officials, supervisors and police at all athletic contests.

Noisemakers are prohibited at all athletic contests as per Section VIII rules.




The Port Washington School District forbids any form of hazing of students.

Students found to have committed an act of harassment and or bullying/cyber bullying against any student in the Port Washington School District will be faced with strong disciplinary actions, which could include suspension from any further team participation for that season or the year. Athletes are expected to notify a coach or a school administrator (Principal, AP, etc.) if they witnessed any form of bullying or hazing. Cyber bullying of students from other schools or teachers are included in this contract as well. Failure to report will result in disciplinary action from sports participation.


Alcohol, Tobacco, Smoking, Vaping, Substance Abuse and Social Media

Athletes may not use alcoholic beverages, tobacco in any form, illicit drugs, vaping or steroids at any time  Any student found to use any of these on or off school property at any time, including weekends, during the sports season , will result in a suspension from participation in that sport. Athletes are cautioned regarding use of social media.  Athletes will be held accountable, should the school receive information or pictures from such sites that show violations of the athletic guidelines. Any suspension could be season ending. Once the penalty has been levied, the principal may review any appeal of the suspension.  A student who self discloses a substance abuse problem could have a suspension waived, if they are willing to take active steps to remedy the situation.