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Selection Classification for Varsity Sports

Department of Health, Physical Education and Athletics


 Selection Classification Policy


“The intent of Selection Classification is to provide for students in grades 7-12 a mechanism allowing them to participate safely at an appropriate level of competition based upon readiness rather than age and grade.  Students do not mature at the same rate and there can be a tremendous range of developmental differences between students of the same age.  The program is not to be used to fill positions on teams, provide additional experience, provide a place for junior high students when no modified program is offered, or reward a student.  Instead it is aimed at the few selected students who can benefit from such a placement because of their level of readiness.  It will also be fairer to the other students on modified teams.” – NYSPHSAA Handbook 2008-2010.


The Port Washington School District allows for students to be selection classified. The final decision for evaluation and selection is at the discretion of the coach of the particular sport and the Director of Athletics.  One set of criteria that is be followed is the student MUST be an impact player on the team.  Unless the students abilities on the modified level would put his/her teammates at a distinct disadvantage, only varsity level athletes will be considered for high school placement.


The following are the guidelines for each coach to follow.  The head coach of the sport is directly responsible for communication on this matter between the athlete, parent/guardian and Athletic Director.  The coach is solely responsible for meeting all deadlines.


STEP 1            Coach

                        Inform Athletic Director of potential athlete.  Follow through with athlete and parents.


STE 2              Parents and Athlete

                        The coach will communicate with athlete and parents on all issues of team rules,

                        scheduling, commitments, playing time, etc to establish understanding of

                        competing at a higher level


STEP 3            Athletic Profile Packet

                        Coach needs to direct the parent to the Athletic Office where they will

                        pick up the Selection Classification packet.  Inclusive is a permission slip,

                        Athletic Profile Sheet, fitness testing criteria and dates for testing.  Review will be

                        by the Athletic Director for approval to continue with the process.


STEP 4            Maturation Testing Date with school doctor


STEP 5            Athletic Performance Fitness Testing Date


STEP 6            Coach’s Skill Evaluation

                        Assessement sheet

                        Recommendation for team


STEP 7            Athletic Director Approval


Deadline Dates for
    • Fall 2022: May 1st 2022
    • Winter 2022-23: Oct. 3rd 2022
    • Spring 2023: January 30th 2023