Physical Education » Physical Education Overview

Physical Education Overview


Beginner Yoga

Intermediate Vinyasa Yoga


Option 1:   Tabata Workout

Option 2:    20 Minute Workout Video

Option 3:  20 Minute Full Body Workout


Agility Circuit: 

Repeat each exercise 3X to 5X 

T Drill

Ladder Drill

Box Drill

Hurdles Drill


Bring Sally Up


Muscular Strength Workout


Option 1:  15 Minute Boxing Workout (need free weights or plastic water bottles for this workout)

Option 2:   Core Workout: Perform each exercise for 10/20/30 seconds with a 10 second rest after each. Try to finish 1-3 rounds.

Mountain Climbers

Spiderman Planks

Alternating Plank Reach Throughs

Crunchy Frog

Alternating Wide Leg Sit-Ups

Sit-Up into Bridge


Criss Crosses


Alphabet workout:

Use the picture below to complete the workout

Beginner- Spell out your first name

Intermediate- Spell out your first and middle name

Advanced- Spell out your first, middle and last name

Physical Education

Mr. Kevin Baudo, Middle School Athletics Coordinator
Mr. Kevin Braddish
Mrs. Mary Cetta
Mr. Kevin Cloghessy
Ms. Heather Holecek 
Mr. Rich Miglietta 
Mrs. Raquel Piraino